How to Purchase Online

Customers are advice to create an account in to making any purchase such as kids clothes, educational toys and etc althought they can purchase as Guests. Registered customers are able to enjoy additonal benefit from Kool Kidz Online Store


Step 1:

Customers can buy by clicking the image or Add to Cart button. Customers are adviced to purchase by clicking the image as some products have options such as product colors. 

Step 2:

After the product options is selected, click the Add to Cart button. A box will also shows and users can choose to Continue Shopping or View Shopping Cart

Step 3:

Click the View Shopping Cart button to proceed to checkout. You will be showing to the shopping cart webpage. All the items which have been added to the shopping cart will be shown.

Click the Proceed to Checkout button to make order. 

Step 4: 

If users are not login yet, they will be directed to login or create a new account to purchase as new customers as there are features that only customers can use as mentioned.

Step 5:

Making sure the details are correct, customers are require to choose the payment method. After choosing it, click the Next button. 

Step 6:

Choose the shipping method by clicking the bullet of choices provided. Press the Next button to proceed.

Step 7:

In this step, the summary of order is shown. Customers need to check very carefully the address and products are correct. Click the Next button to the payment step. Follow all the payment wizard to proceed the payment.

Step 8:

After payment is complete when the transaction status is successful. Press Click Here to Complete Your Transaction button go back to website. Customers which have logged in can view their order history to make sure the products are purchased.